High Performance ESeal Liner Restores Well Integrity


An Operator required restoring integrity to their 13-3/8" 72 lb/ft casing on a suspended Central North Sea well.

 There was a known leak at the mud-line suspension system (MLS) which needed to be isolated prior to continued operations. Cement plugs deeper in the well were to be drilled out therefore integrity in the wellbore above this point was paramount for a safe operation. The shallow leak point presented additional complexity to the repair procedure.



Document Type
Case History
Date Published
Monday, October 24, 2016
Europe, North Sea

Additional Document Information

System Type:
ESeal, ESeal HP Liner
Values Added:
Restore production, Extended well life
Casing Size:
13 3/8"
Expandable Size:
11 3/4"
Liner Length: