Inventive Solid Expandable Tubular Applications Capitalize on Window of Opportunity: Openhole liner System Prevents Loss of Hole Size in Sidetracking Operations


The sign of any dynamic technology is its ability to continuously redefine and extend its application scope. Such is the case with solid expandable tubular technology that has been applied successfully in a variety of conditions and scenarios that include highangle wells, deepwater wells, multiple installations in the same well, situations that require a relatively long expandable casing string, and various cementing designs. Solid expandable tubular technology was developed originally to address drilling challenges in high pressure zones, deepwater environments, and for the repair and mechanical enhancement of existing casing strings. With nearly 300 system installations, their value, reliability, and diversity have been established and augmented with innovative applications. A notable example of expanding the application spectrum is the use of openhole liner systems in sidetrack window exits and through milled sections. This paper will describe the design process, installation procedure, and value added of using solid expandable tubulars in sidetracking operations and through milled windows. Case histories will be used to define actual conditions and results of these applications. In addition, this paper will demonstrate how these enabling systems can be used more than once in the same wellbore but in different capacities, further illustrating the technology’s resourcefulness.


Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Monday, April 4, 2005