Monodiameter Drilling Liner - From Concept to Reality


Many in the oil and gas industry initially viewed the idea of a monodiameter well as a radical concept. But with the recent success of a field trial well, the monodiameter well has moved from concept to reality and is now a alternative well construction process. The monodiameter well is a breakthrough in the oil and gas industry. This technology allows multiple strings of the same size drilling liner to be installed in a well without a decrease in internal diameter (ID). The elimination of reducing ID is accomplished by an over-expansion of the monodiameter drilling liner and the base casing in the overlap section. The monodiameter well construction process involves installing a monodiameter drilling liner below the casing and expanding it and the overlap. The resulting ID will allow additional monodiameter drilling liners to be installed and expanded without reducing the ID as experienced in a standard telescoping casing program. Thus the expansion of the monodiameter liner creates a single ID. The benefit of the monodiameter well construction process is that it reduces total drilling costs, especially in challenging areas, and enables operators to maintain the well’s optimum completion diameter. This paper briefly discusses the monodiameter drilling liner’s transition from concept to reality, and focuses on the field installation of the monodiameter drilling liner. This paper also discusses the potential cost savings of using the monodiameter well construction process.


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Tuesday, February 18, 2003