Optimizing Producing Wells with Solid Expandable Tubular Technology


A practical field restoration and rejuvenation project requires an economically efficient and technically astute plan. Using existing infrastructure allows operators to build a sound value proposition by capitalizing on previous investments. Enabling technology, such as solid expandable tubulars, makes the proposition even more attractive by further minimizing project costs. Solid expandable tubulars provide a technology that offers variable solutions without sacrificing hole size or compromising budgets. Solid expandable tubulars have built a legacy as a viable and practical workover technology, based on over 660 installations. As acceptance and use of expandable systems increases, so do the application venues where they can be used to facilitate well remediation. Expandable systems repair and/or reinforce existing casing while minimizing loss of hole size, which enables use of the same completion. The systems have also provided the impetus for operations that result in compelling returns on production enhancement projects for old and new wells and fields. This paper will explain how solid expandable tubular systems are used to repair and remediate wells that developed casing integrity problems and wells that experienced flowconstrained problems. Case histories will be used to illustrate how the technology was used to mitigate production problems and retain or improve value. In addition, this paper will discuss the economic implications of using this revolutionary technology.


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Sunday, April 15, 2007
Latin America