Overcoming Well Control Challenges with Solid Expandable Tubular Technology


Throughout the history of the oil and gas industry, well control has been a fundamental and significant concern not only because it is a safety issue but also a health and environmental one as well. As the industry has drilled deeper wells in different environments, the more critical well control issues have become. An operator for an inland water well in southern Louisiana considered all this history when solid expandable tubular technology was chosen to maintain well control. This paper describes the concerns and the steps taken for well control while running solid expandable tubular products in two wells, one located in inland waters and one deepwater. The paper cites concerns about overcoming well control issues while making-up, running, and expanding solid expandable tubular liners and the solutions and steps taken in a well control situation during the deployment of the solid expandable tubular openhole liner.


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Sunday, May 4, 2003