Smarter Slimming


Serious students of drilling efficiency know that increasing rate of penetration (ROP) is a critical objective for optimizing operations ─ whether considering time, effort or economics. New technology, enhanced processes or a combination of both enables drilling teams to get to bottom faster and more effectively.

Emphasis placed on bit improvement has focused on modeling subjects such as cutting mechanics, aggressiveness and weight on bit (WOB) response, which has realized significant improvements in ROP. Further, bottomhole assembly enhancements have paralleled the bit evolution.
Another facet of improving ROP is optimizing hole size, wherein lies the challenge of attaining wellbore control in light of dynamic formations and challenging environments. Solid expandable tubulars provide the technical means to reduce hole size, especially when expandable systems are incorporated into the initial well construction as is done with Slim Well designs.



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Industry Article
Date Published
Wednesday, September 1, 2010