Successful 12¼ in. SameDrift® System Installation Demonstrates Advancement in Expandable Technology



The purpose of the installation was to prove the ability to expand the 11-3/4 in. 47 lb/ft liner with a 12-1/4 in. SameDrift expansion assembly and anchor the Openhole Clad (OHC) to the formation to allow drilling to continue with a 12-1/4 in. bit and BHA with no loss of diameter. The installation would provide the 12-1/4 in. pass through below the 13-3/8 in. casing.


251 feet of SameDrift OHC was set in the 12-1/4 in. section that had been under-reamed to 13-1/4 in.  The SameDrift OHC was installed 105 ft below the 13-3/8 in. shoe. Following the successful expansion of the OHC system, the shoe was milled out and the 12-1/4 in. section was completed by drilling a further 2,113 ft of formation.

An extensive formation-sampling program was then undertaken with two wireline logging runs and three conditioning BHA’s run through the OHC without any issues.

The 9-5/8 in. liner was subsequently run without any issues and cemented back into the 13-3/8 in. casing.

Added Value

The successful installation and expansion of this 12-1/4 in. OHC has proven the SameDrift expansion assembly to create an expansion cone capable of expanding the liner and providing the same drift diameter as the base casing. 


Document Type
Case History
Date Published
Monday, November 9, 2020
Middle East, Saudi Arabia

Additional Document Information

System Plan:
System Type:
SameDrift OHC
Values Added:
Enable planned completion, Maximize ID and TD
Casing Size:
13 3/8"
Expandable Size:
11 3/4"
Liner Length: