Three Diverse Applications on Three Continents for a Single Major Operator


Solid expandable tubular technology has achieved gradual acceptance in diverse regions worldwide since its commercial introduction over four years ago. Although there is still reluctance among operators to commit to preplanning this technology in their wells, others recognize the value of using solid expandable tubulars on a contingency basis. These innovators are embracing it as a method not only to overcome challenges and achieve the well objectives regardless of environmental circumstances but to achieve these goals using an economically viable, repeatable method. Recently an operator with wells in three different challenging regions of the globe deployed solid expandable tubular technology in each well. In West Africa, the requirement was to isolate a casing leak and return a damaged well to production. The challenge in the Asia Pacific region was to drill a deepwater exploration well using surface stack deepwater drilling technology. In Texas, the operator isolated ballooning shale so that the 7-in. conventional casing could be set at target depth to retain projected hole size. In diverse challenges, solid expandable tubular technology provided the operator viable, value-driven options that were not available using conventional casing and technology. This paper will present the challenges one operator faced in three global regions, discuss how solid expandable tubular technology overcame the challenges presented by these environments, and created an economically-viable solutions. The diversity of solid expandable tubular technology as it continues to gain acceptance within the oil and gas industry will be also demonstrated.


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Sunday, May 2, 2004