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Expandable casing goes into the well in one diameter, then as an expansion mandrel is either drawn through or pushed through, it expands by as much as 300%. The technology was recently developed and tested in a slotted form. This technology and a new solid form are the subject of several...


Interesting results are emerging from the ongoing research of a novel advancement—expandable tubular technology. Studies on the effects of expansion on the mechanical properties of postexpansion casing, the resistance of expanded casing to sulfide stress cracking
and Hoop (tangential)...


Revolutionary expandable tubulars and connectors will change the basic design and construction of oil and gas wells. With these innovations, operators can reach reservoirs that are economically inaccessible with conventional technology.


In the ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico, formation conditions, and the great depth of exploration plays, combine to make some drilling targets unattainable, until now. This was the original problem facing Shell, when it developed expandable tubulars.


Deepwater and ultra-deepwater exploration and development is getting the bulk of offshore investment, but a well within the sight of land has tested a technology that may revolutionize well construction in all water depths.


Three long standing issues that affect virtually every well have continued to become more important: conservation of hole size, hydraulic isolation of selected zones and maximization of well life. All of these issues involve one of the industry's most fundamental technologies-wellbore tubulars...


Expandable solid tubulars represent one of the most promising and rapidly advancing technologies in today’s battle to remove the remaining barriers to deepwater and ultra-deepwater development. Several companies are hot on a trail once considered the exclusive preserve of science fiction writers...


In Enventure's first-ever application of solid expandables in a horizontal well in the delta region off Nigera, the company acquired a number of lessons.