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Accurately install SET® Openhole Clad solid expandable systems featuring water-sensitive swelling elastomer seals. The installation further proved SET® technology applied for the first time a year earlier in another field.



BP experienced losses while drilling a development well due to weak sand formation directly below the 13-3/8in. shoe. Multiple attempts were made to stem the losses - all without success.
A solution was required to isolate the weak sand formation and enable drilling to continue with higher...


Isolate a lower pressured oil production zone from other nearby higher pressured zones to mitigate cross-flow between the different reservoirs.



The purpose of the installation was to prove the ability to expand the 11-3/4 in. 47 lb/ft liner with a 12-1/4 in. SameDrift expansion assembly and anchor the Openhole Clad (OHC) to the formation to allow drilling to continue with a 12-1/4 in. bit and BHA with no loss of...