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Accurately install SET® Openhole Clad solid expandable systems featuring water-sensitive swelling elastomer seals. The installation further proved SET® technology applied for the first time a year earlier in another field.



By ensuring optimal hole size, well designs using solid expandable tubulars have a far-reaching effect on drilling, evaluation, completion and life-of-well solutions. Enventure Global Technology's Kevin Waddell, Jerry Fritsch and Kristaq Mitrushi discuss the growing influence of solid...


BP experienced losses while drilling a development well due to weak sand formation directly below the 13-3/8in. shoe. Multiple attempts were made to stem the losses - all without success.
A solution was required to isolate the weak sand formation and enable drilling to continue with higher...


Enhancements to standard SET technology increases the burst and collapse ratings for enhanced performance and reliability in Enventure’s High-Performance Systems.



The purpose of the installation was to prove the ability to expand the 11-3/4 in. 47 lb/ft liner with a 12-1/4 in. SameDrift expansion assembly and anchor the Openhole Clad (OHC) to the formation to allow drilling to continue with a 12-1/4 in. bit and BHA with no loss of...