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Design specifications for SET Systems


An operator in the Anadarko Basin was running their 5-1/2 in. production string in a horizontal, unconventional shale well when they were unable to get cement to the top of the curve.  They decided to perforate above the curve and squeeze cement down the annulus of the 5-½” production string.  ...


Enventure’s ESeal™ casing patch solutions provide a robust, permanent alternative to unreliable cement squeezes while maximizing ID and maintain the largest production conduit possible. ESeal casing patches are effective solutions for addressing multiple casing integrity issues.


Enventure's ESeal products are the first choice of operators who need a permanent, inexpensive solution to restore well integrity.


A major Operator in the Barnett Shale needed to isolate four depleted perforation clusters to successfully refrac their well.  

The ESeal RF Liner increased flow area by 47%, compared to the conventional recompletion option.