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Mitigate shale formations, in which loss of returns and sticking are common, by combining SET® expandable tubulars with sidetracking operations in order to reach additional reserves with optimized hole size.


Isolate the trouble zone while conserving hole size by planning solid expandable technology into the well design; optimize wellbore trajectory and reduce risk in sidetrack drilling operations.


Install a SET® Openhole solid expandable system fitted with injection-moulded composite standoff blades.


Challenge: Redevelop an established Gulf of Mexico deepwater field by accessing additional reserves.


SET technology is the result of a cold-working process that permanently deforms the pipe without any additional heat. The procedure inherent to expanding tubulars takes the steel beyond its elastic limit into the plastic region of the stress-strain curve, while remaining safely below ultimate...


The SET liner permanetly isolated the loss zone allowing the well to maximize reservoir contact.


A Major Operator drilling an appraisal sidetrack well in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico needed a solution to to cover and isolate a trouble zone that would enable them to stay on plan and reach well TD with the planned hole size. 

The record-setting SET installation, mitigated the risk of...