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Get back on planned drilling program and finish the well with an adequate hole size to evaluate potential production zones at TD.


An major operator received one of the first post-Macondo permits to continue drilling an exploratory well in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico using subsea BOP's.

The operator needed to achieve zonal isolation across shallow hydrocarbon-bearing sands and to reduce ECD's during cementing...


Install a 13-3/8 x 16 in. 97.0 lb/ft openhole solid expandable tubular (SET®) system to extend the 16 in. casing section past the trouble zone—preserving the set point for the following 13-3/8 in. standard casing and enabling successful execution of the well plan.


Making Enventure's Solid Expandables a part of the drilling plan enabled deep-water operators in the Mississippi Canyon to cut their previous drilling time from 140 days to just 48.  Installing over 2700 feet of Solid Expandable liners running at depths up to 4100 feet allowed...


In this project, the planned 13-3/8 in. conventional casing setting depth could not be reached due to a narrower than planned drilling window. Such an event, along with the uncertainties in deeper sections of the exploratory well, compromised reaching the geological targets with the mandatory...


An Operator in the Gulf of Mexico encountered severe loss circulation while drilling below 16 in. casing set at 4,980 ft.  The SET OHL isolated the trouble zone, while providing a 14.028 in. post-expanded ID.  The operator was able to run 13-5/8 in. conventional casing (semi-flush with 13.844 in...