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Install a SET® Openhole solid expandable system fitted with injection-moulded composite standoff blades.


For years, the reduction of tubular inside diameter (ID), or “telescoping effect,” limited the exploration and production of oil and gas. Using conventional technology, operators faced significant loss of ID in the course of the normal drilling process, during reentry and deepening of existing...


Leverage information gained from the first well in the development project and install Solid Expandable Tubular (SET®) systems to the subsequent wells to save casing points and preserve hole size while drilling through shale formations and depleted zones.


Offshore Denmark, Directional Well, 8 5/8 x 10 3/4


SET® solid expandable technology enabled the Operator to stay on course with the planned reservoir drilling and completion solution, due to the preservation of hole size.


Enventure, the leader in SET Solid Expandable Tubulars, is now offering improved liner centralization.


A major operator in the Norwegian North Sea anticipated problems while drilling a    12-¼ x 13-½ in. hole section which required setting 10-¾ in. casing early. This left a section of overburden exposed above the reservoir. 

The 8-5/8 in. ESET HP System isolated the overburden section,...


CNR International U.K Ltd. required a system to restore well integrity on a well in their Tiffany Field. A suspected non gas tight connection around 600ft MD within the 10-¾” production casing required to be repaired. Future plans for the well include drilling a sidetrack from the 7” casing and...


An Operator drilling multiple wells in South Texas encountered a loss zone 500 ft. below the shoe of the intermediate casing in their well. The Operator had also encountered this loss zone on two offset wells and was prepared with options to address the loss zone. Normally 9-5/8 in. casing is...