ESEALTM intervention Solutions

In cased-hole environments, ESeal™ systems provide a solution for addressing troubled casing intervals in both onshore and offshore applications. From re-entry programs to remediating fields, Enventure offers an extensive array of applications and products designed to meet your objectives. Our suite of ESeal Intervention solutions include:

ESeal 3.0 Refrac Liners
ESeal Patch
ESeal High Performance Patch
ESeal Flex
ESeal Liner

See the Technology in Action
ESeal™ 3.0 RF Liner System
Complete, Cost-effective Solutions for Today's Refracturing Challenges

The next generation of expandable zonal-isolation products from Enventure. Today's refracturing challenges require solutions that provide maximum results while managing predictable production results. Enventure's next-generation ReFrac System does both.

More than two decades of experience and client collaboration have given us the edge in developing an expandable zonal-isolation system that provides:

  • Customized refrac isolation solutions
  • Largest inside diameter (ID) possible
  • More flow and power to the reservoir
  • Permanent solutions to zonal isolation
  • Ability to operate in higher temperature reservoirs.
ESeal 3.0 - The Ultimate Diverter
ESeal System of Mechanical Diverters

Enventure’s ESeal 3.0 Refrac System employs solid expandable mechanical diverters. Each is designed to provide refracturing solutions in specific well environments. All effectively create a new wellbore with the maximum ID (inside diameter) for the isolation of existing perforations, thereby providing more flow to your reservoir. This helps you have more power for your refrac – to get a better frac and increased flow area for production afterwards.

ESeal 3.0 - Designed for Your Refracturing Needs
Delivering More Power to Your Reservoir

The ESeal 3.0 RF and RF-HT deliver higher pressure integrity by optimizing the expansion process. Both use our Engineered Liner Analysis service.

  • ESeal 3.0 RF - Our next level system utilizes newly enhanced connections that are 16% stronger than the previous generation and are ideal for vertical and horizontal wells in less extreme temperature environments.
  • ESeal 3.0 RF-HT - Our highest rated system, the ESeal 3.0 RF-HT (High Temp) Refrac Liner, uses the toughest connections in the industry: 40% stronger than the previous generation.
Engineered Liner Analysis
Liner Analysis Service

Thanks to continuous feedback from our clients, Enventure now offers a powerful service to calculate the safe operating window for your refrac using any solid mechanical diversion technique. Our Engineered Liner Analysis will allow you to balance cost vs. frac effectiveness and production rates. That analysis will help determine the most effective approach to refracturing.

Considerations in the Liner Analysis

The Liner Analysis estimates tension in the liner for different plug locations by considering the possible ranges of Treatment pressure, downhole temperature, frac fluid density and reservoir pressure and then comparing that to connection ratings to determine feasibility of fracturing solutions. Enventure will walk you through the factors and scenarios that significantly affect the loads or provide the considerations for you to compare with your own internal models.

Sources of Tension Load:

  • Thermal cool down of liner
  • Balooning due to internal pressure
  • Piston effect on a plug
  • Residual force from expansion
Model of Tensile Loads During Refracturing

Benefits to Asset Managers
Predictable Costs and Reliable Results

Regardless of oil prices, you need predictable costs and reliable results when refracturing. Enventure’s next generation Refrac System delivers this by improving upon previous mechanical diversion techniques, which already have the highest success rate and reliability in the industry. Pairing this with our Engineered Liner Analysis service, you can make data-based decisions about your refrac options and choose the most cost-effective option from our tiered system.

Benefits to Operators
Can Optimize ROI & Minimize Risk

Today’s oilfield operations are a constant balancing act. You need to optimize ROI and minimize risk during multizone isolation and recompletion operations, while balancing cost vs. frac effectiveness and production rates. Now you can make this balancing act easier with Enventure’s comprehensive Refrac System. Efficient and cost-effective options will enable you to mechanically isolate old perforations to provide internal pressure integrity and zonal isolation, with largest ID possible, providing more flow and more power to your reservoir.


In cased-hole environments, ESeal™ Liner systems offer a larger diameter, making them a permanent and robust solid-steel casing reinforcement. They isolate perforations, repair damaged or corroded casing, or can be used as a large ID Refrac Liner to maximize power to the reservoir during hydraulic re-fracturing.

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The ESeal™ Patch provides a robust, permanent alternative to unreliable cement squeezes while maximizing ID and maintaining the largest production conduit possible. While Enventure has always been known for robust, reliable, solid expandable solutions, this simpler approach to re-­establishing casing integrity means you get the same quality and reliability in a new, lower-cost solution for sealing unwanted parts, casing leaks, or reinforcing casing.


Need to reclaim a lost wellbore? ESeal™ High Performance (HP) Patches repair problems and allow a fracturing program to restore production. Utilizing a higher strength material increases the burst and collapse, which is fundamental to restoring production quickly and reliably. HP Patch systems are available for 4-1/2 in.,5 in., and 5-1/2 in. base casing, and designed to withstand HPHT fracturing operations while maximizing inside diameter.




The ESeal™ Flex system is an expandable solution designed for completions, stimulations, and workovers. The system consists of expandable joints separated by conventional API tubulars. The expandable joints utilize bonded elastomeric seals that, once expanded, anchor the system and provide sealing capabilities for zonal isolation. Since the connections are not expanded, this allows for the use of premium connections such as the gas-tight Atlas Bradford® STI™.

ESeal™ Cased Hole systems provide a solution to mitigate troubled casing intervals. Elastomeric bands are attached to the top and bottom of the expandable liner that, when expanded, anchor the system to the base pipe. These elastomeric seals can also be placed at various intervals along the expandable liner in order to isolate specific zones.

Field Applications
ESeal™ Flex

Flex systems are typically used in cased-hole environments but can also be applied in openhole situations. Systems are readily available for casing off sections in most 4-1/2 in.

Common uses for ESeal™ Flex systems:

  • Casing reinforcement and repair (leaks/splits, corrosion, perforations, packer seats, etc.)
  • Water shut-off and control of production or injection
  • Zonal isolation for stimulation of new perforations
ESeal™ Liner

ESeal™ Liner systems are most often installed to seal off perforations, damaged or corroded casing, or to reinforce casing. However, they have also been used in more novel applications such as expanded platforms for conventional packer installations and to reline entire wellbores. Operators have installed ESeal™ systems to control water, increase production, and reinforce casing. Because the burst strength of repaired well bores is frequently higher than that of the original casing, ESeal™ systems enable stimulation treatments, wellbore treatments, and hydraulic fracturing operations.