Solid expandable technology involves the controlled expansion of solid-steel liners in the downhole environment for enhanced drilling, production, completion, and remedial operations.

As the proven leader in solid-steel expandable liners, Enventure’s depth of expertise positions us to provide solid expandable solutions that are consistently proven to be effective alternatives to conventional casing for well construction, restoration, and recompletion.

Our proprietary grades of Liner range from 3 1/2" OD to 16"

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SET® and ESeal™ technology employ a cold-working process that radially expands the inner diameter (ID) of liner.  Our Expandable grades of liners exceed API specifications. These systems feature a launcher with an expansion assembly, including a solid cone driven by hydraulic pressure, which moves upwards to expand the liner's diameter. The process is completed when the expandable liner hanger seals against the original base casing or open hole wellbore, enabling precise well construction and reducing well tapering.

These expandable systems have been deployed in settings ranging from 30 to 7,000 feet in length, through various wellbore configurations and in both onshore and offshore environments. The use of these expandable liners streamlines wellbore profiles, significantly cuts total development costs through the use of smaller, more cost-effective rigs, and ultimately enhances well longevity and estimated ultimate recoveries, maximizing the return on investment for operators.

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Enventure provides solutions for wells throughout their lifecycle. From saving a multimillion-dollar exploratory well with a record 6,867-length liner, to remediating watered-out perforations in a 40-year-old well with a 30-foot string – expandable technology creates value-based economies, one customer at a time.

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