1998 United States
Shell/Haliburton joint venture, Enventure Established
2000 Gulf of Mexico
First SET solid expandable installation in deep water
2002 Oman
First horizontal installation
2002 South Texas
First installation through a window exit
2004 Saudi Arabia
First well slimming application
2005 Saudi Arabia
First expendable/intelligent completion installation
2008 Piceance Basin
1,000th SET installation
2009 Saudi Arabia
1,000,000 ft expanded
2009 Barnett Shale
First ESeal Refrac liner (EX-80) installation liner
2009 Barnett Shale
First ESeal Refrac liner (EX-80) installation liner
2012 Saudi Arabia
First successful 16in SET System installation
2013 Danish North Sea
1,000th Consecutive installation with zero recordable
2014 Barnett Shale
First ESeal Refrac Liner (EX-110) installation
2014 Globally
Rotational ESet™ introduced
2015 Marcellus
First coiled-tubing conveyed ESeal™ Patch
2016 Middle East
First SameDrift™ field trial
2018 South Texas
Commercialization ofESeal™ Refrac Liner
2018 Saudi Arabia
2,000th SET Installation
2022 Utica
2,000,000 ft expanded
2023 North America
Commercialization of SET Expandable Liner Hanger
2023 North America
Commercialization of Wellbore Cleanout Services



Houston-based Enventure Global Technology, Inc., the world's leading provider of solid expandable solutions for the energy industry, innovated the technology for expanding pipe-in-pipe in 1998. It introduced SET technology to address drilling, completion, and production challenges that jeopardized a well's potential value and the oil and gas operator's return on investment.


SET® Solid Expandable Technology: Field proven in thousands of installations in basins all over the world.

Enventure emerged in 1998, shortly after successful proof-of-concept tests for expanding pipe use in oil and gas wells. Enventure's proprietary technology, for expandable pipe, threaded connections, and installation tools, empowers exploration and production companies to optimize value across all stages of the well’s life. With over 2,600 installations worldwide, Enventure partners with independent and national oil companies to advance drilling, completions, and production goals. The first SET® System commercial installation in 1999, offshore Gulf of Mexico, marked a milestone. Since then, Enventure has provided SET®, ESET®, and ESeal™ solid expandable solutions, in both open and cased hole applications, to 350+customers in 40 countries.


Enventure’s solid expandable technology radially enlarges proprietary tubulars through a cold-drawing process using a downhole cone-driven expansion assembly. Solid Expandable Systems have been expanded through window exits and milled sections, modified for corrosive well installation, installed in deviated and horizontal wells, and have proven to be advantageous when coupled with other enabling technologies such as surface stack drilling, intelligent completion tools, and multilaterals.


Enventure maintains a global presence with sales offices, warehousing, and operations in various regions. This expansive reach guarantees the availability of solid expandable technologies for oil and gas operators across diverse settings – be it onshore, in deep- or shallow-water offshore, pre-salt formations, unconventional reservoirs, high-pressure/high-temperature conditions, or mature fields.

North America
1,821 Installations
1311 Broadfield Blvd Suite 200
Houston, TX 77084
+1 281.552.2200
Middle East
309 Installations
Enventure Saudi Arabia Limited Company
AlBarghash Tower, 6189 Prince Turki St.
AlKurnaish Dist. 34412 - 3146
AlKhobar, Eastern Region, Saudi Arabia
+966 50682 7786

+971 56 474 6216
South America
23 Installations
+1 281 552 2200
26 Installations
Enventure International (UK) Limited
11 Bon Accord Crescent
+44 1224 202 600
131 Installations
Enventure International (UK) Limited
11 Bon Accord Crescent
+44 1224 202 600
Asia Pacific
353 Installations
DNeX Oilfield Services Sdn. Bhd.,
C3-15, Solaris Dutamas, No 1
Jalan Dutamos 1, KL 50480
+603 2181 5924

Responsible, Rigorous, Resourceful


Enventure envisions transforming our customers’ asset performance using innovative expandable
technologies to improve their return on investment throughout the life of


Enventure Commits to:

  • Deliver value-added, innovative solutions to our Customers;
  • Provide growth & superior returns to our Shareholders;
  • Promote an inspiring & rewarding workplace for our Employees;
  • Work safely, protect our environment & be a compliant organization.


Our Company
  • Where each person is listened to, respected and encouraged to do the best job possible
  • That sets challenging work goals and encourages people to constantly improve performance
Our People
  • Are open to new ideas
  • Look for opportunities to develop
  • Achieve excellence in all they do
  • Have a balanced personal and work life

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Our HSSE & Quality Policy

HSSE excellence

HSSE Policy Statement
Enventure Global Technology is committed to globally achieving health, safety, security, and environmental (HSSE) excellence. This dedication begins with the HSSE Policy and is further expanded upon in the Ten Guiding Principles of HSSE. With a robust HSSE management system underpinning the core tenets and cascading down to each task, the Company strives to continually perform with excellence and consistently identify opportunities for improvement. Every employee is empowered to not only achieve these goals but is also held responsible for ensuring these tenets are woven into daily business activities to ensure a workplace free from incidents for all personnel. This endeavor includes a pledge to consistently ensure environmental sustainability. 

The Company is firmly dedicated to fostering an environment of HSSE excellence to ensure the success of all HSSE programs, policies, and objectives to benefit the Company, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and the environment.


Quality Policy Statement
Enventure Global Technology Inc.(Enventure) is the international leader in the design, assembly, and service solutions using Solid Expandable Liner Technology for the oil, gas, and energy industries. Through our focus on quality, Enventure seeks to provide excellent customer service that meets requirements and enhances our customers’ asset performance using innovative and expandable technologies. 

Enventure’s ISO 9001:2015 and API Q2, 2nd edition certified management system is fundamental to resource assurance, performance monitoring, achievement of objectives, and continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services. By collaborating, planning, identifying and controlling risks, and utilizing competent resources, we exhibit our commitment to quality and provide execution excellence resulting in a higher level of confidence from our customers.

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