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Born out of necessity in offshore exploration wells, SET® technology mitigates risk by providing expandables for additional casing options to maximize ID at TD. Benefits include reduced risk and NPT by offering larger ID casing alternatives and enabling slimmer well profiles. Pre-planning expandable in development well designs ensures maximum ID in new wells or when sidetracking for new reservoirs.

In unconventional plays, achieving Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) is vital. ESeal Liners enhance selective re-fracturing, creating new perforations. The larger ID allows higher re-fracturing volumes and pressure and optimizing frac efficiency.  ESeal technology provides permanent solutions for repairing damaged casing, enhancing production in sidetracks, and offering reliable alternatives to cement fixes.

DRILLING solutions

SET® technology was born out of necessity in offshore oil and gas wells and has evolved to benefit both onshore and offshore drilling programs. Operators now leverage its advantages to:

  • Mitigate risk in reaching TD by providing additional casing string options.
  • Eliminating NPT and reducing the days-to-depth curve.
  • Accelerating production by helping bring reserves online faster.
  • Slimmer wells increase ROP and enable the use of smaller rigs and less consumables.

Drilling operations often face tough problems that result in expensive NPT. Planning ahead and including expandables into the well designs better ensures hitting TD on time and on budget.







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PLan-In for success

Strategic implementation is the key to gaining the most value from expandable technology. Field developments that incorporate, or "plan-in" expandables into the well design have seen substantial savings.

Costs are dramatically impacted by:

  • Downsizing drilling infrastructure and wellbore architecture while maintaining completion size.
  • Enlarging internal diameter (ID) to increase asset viability.
  • Utilizing existing wellbores for new or stranded reservoirs.

While acknowledging the occasional need for contingency solutions, our customers are directly benefiting from planned-in SET® solutions. For more information about these programs, reach out to your local representative.


The key advantage of well slimming projects is lowering overall well costs and AFE. Integrating SET® technology into a planned well architecture results in:

  • Increasing ROP with better hydraulics and hole cleaning.
  • Enabling the use of smaller rig.
  • Eliminating the need for large blowout preventers (BOP).
  • Reducing environmental impact (less cuttings, mud, cement, steel tonnage).
  • Allowing conventional contingency strings lower in the well.

These benefits are further amplified by bringing wells online faster. One operator reduced days-to-depth by over 20 days, cutting well costs by $1,000,000and obtaining every fifth well for free.


Design your well to match your reservoir by integrating SET® technology. This ensures reaching TD with the optimal ID. Planning an expandable liner above a potential trouble zone offers a chance to isolate these areas with minimal ID reduction compared to standard casing. Expandable systems can also be run as a contingency to mitigate unanticipated trouble zones, enabling the well to stay on plan.


When trouble zones require setting a casing point higher than planned, SET® provides a solution by enlarging the casing ID downhole, accommodating larger casing for the subsequent string. This yields a larger ID at TD, enhanced evaluation, and larger completion strings. Nested systems are an even further demonstration of expandable value. By sequentially installing expandable systems, significant hole size is retained. Refer to the SET Installation Chart for available Nested Systems


Sidetracks provide cost-effective ROI by utilizing an existing well to access new reserves. Challenges involve damaged casing, ID restrictions, and drilling depleted zones.

Integrating SET® expandable systems into sidetrack programs offers flexibility and enhances production by:

  • Allowing optimal window exits.
  • Extending reach with increased ID.
  • Addition of casing strings without decreasing ID

CompletIONs Solutions

In unconventional oil and gas plays, achieving Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) is crucial. Through the utilization of multi-zone isolation completion systems, ESeal Liners contribute to the enhancement of selective re-fracturing. These solutions facilitate the generation of multiple new perforations and fracture zones, optimizing refracturing initiatives. This technology enables a ID for perforating guns, higher re-fracturing volumes and pressure, ultimately fine-tuning frac stage efficiency.

multi-stage fracturing

In unconventional tight oil, tight gas, and shale gas formations, the utilization of multi-zone isolation completion systems for selective fracturing offers an efficient and reliable approach to well completion. Enventure's solid expandables, in combination with swellable technology, jet perforating, and coiled-tubing fracturing techniques, ensure precise fracturing.

The expandable solution also provides:

  • The ability to fracture multiple zones.
  • Larger ID for larger guns and flow area.
  • Increased frac volumes and rates.

The integrated system, encompassing jet perforating and fracturing methods, enables reverse circulation in case of early screenout and enhances the likelihood of maximum fracture connectivity near the wellbore.

enlarged production conduit

Large Production Conduits

The utilization of SET® solid expandable systems, along with larger diameter completion components across the lower sandface, offers the capability to support higher production or injection rates. Additionally, SET® Systems have the potential to facilitate controlled commingled production from more than two zones.

Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) Wells

SET® solid expandables provide larger internal diameters, enabling the optimization of directional drilling assemblies and bits for multilateral wells. The increased ID allows for the installation of remote-operated flow control valves and pressure and temperature gauges across each lateral. This enables the management of production flow, commingling, and selective lateral shutdown in the event of significant water influx.


Solid expandable technology offers robust and permanent solutions for well remediation. ESeal™ technology addresses challenges such as repairing damaged casing, enhancing production when applied in sidetracking and well deepening programs, and providing reliable alternatives to cement squeezes and patches. ESeal has been effectively used to isolate watered-out and water-producing zones. This technology's versatility provides permanent solutions for reinforcing and repairing casing all while maximizing wellbore ID.

Fix Damaged Casing

ESeal™ expandable systems install solid expandable casing across casing leaks, parted casing, corroded casing, or any area that needs strengthening prior to stimulation.  Additionally, the expansion process ensures maximum ID and production with minimal downtime.
Enhance Production

With 70% of oil production coming from fields more than 30 years old, forward-thinking operators are using existing infrastructure to access new reserves from old platforms. ESeal™ expandable systems are commonly applied in sidetracking and well deepening programs designed to access new reserves, and zones below depleted formations.
A Permanant Solution

ESeal™ expandable systems provide a robust, permanent alternative to unreliable cement squeezes and patches while maximizing ID and maintaining the largest production conduit possible. ESeal systems provide a range of solutions for addressing water control and injection control issues.

SET® and ESeal solid expandable systems commonly find application in programs aiming to access zones beneath depleted formations. SET and ESeal expandable tubulars possess higher collapse and burst ratings than alternative wellbore repair options, thus offering a solution that mitigates corroded or perforated casing sections without raising concerns about increased fracturing pressures.

Expandables contribute to also extending the productive life span of the wellbore by introducing new completion possibilities and deferring plug and abandonment expenses. Utilizing expandables empowers you to:

  • Isolate perforations for zonal shut-off and re-completion.
  • Enhance fracturing rates through maximal ID.
  • Establish full-pressure integrity throughout wellbore.
  • Enhance casing and well integrity.
  • Prolong the operational life of the asset.
  • Establish a packer seat for controlled and isolated stimulation.

Operators leveraging existing infrastructure for enhanced recovery or reaching new reserves optimize their ROI and bring assets online faster. Forward-thinking operators are accessing new reserves from old platforms – going deeper and farther than ever before. Expandable technology is perfectly suited for these applications, as it mitigates the restrictions inherent to re-entry operations using conventional tubulars.

Well Deepening

Utilizing SET Openhole Liners (OHL) to deepen an existing wellbore maximizes value, as many complex drilling challenges are already behind the existing casing strings. The OHL maximizes wellbore ID, enabling a deep wellbore extension, while accommodating completions similar in size to the original wellbore.


Sidetracks provide cost-effective ROI by utilizing an existing well to access new reserves. Despite challenges like damaged casing, ID restrictions, and drilling depleted zones, Integrating SET® expandable systems into sidetrack initiatives offers flexibility and bolsters production, enabling optimal window exits, extending reach with increased ID, and incorporating casing strings without ID reduction.

Isolation Perforations & Water Control

Enventure's ESeal™ technology offers a robust alternative to unreliable cement squeezes and patches. ESeal solid expandables allow the use of standard production strings and equipment, as they minimally affect ID. Installation of an ESeal expandable system can:

  • Maximize ID for enhanced flow efficiency.
  • Increase recoverable reserves.
  • Provide a lasting solution, not just a temporary fix.
  • Reinforce casing for re-stimulation.

Water Control

SET® and ESeal solid expandable systems effectively isolate watered-out and water-producing zones. The value-added maximized ID maintains the largest possible production conduit. In new projects, expandable liners cover perforated or open-hole completions that produce wet zones, even severe enough to shut in the well. In mature fields with increased water cut, expandables isolate watered-out zones, prolonging asset production life.

Damaged Casing

The casing within your well serves as your production lifeline. Damaged tubulars compromise safety and the environment, making repair essential to maintain well integrity, stop water influx or prevent collapse of the tubing infrastructure. ESeal Systems offer a permanent repair solution by installing solid steel expandable casing across troubled areas, all while preserving maximum ID.

ESeal™ Technology

  • Repairs casing leaks and liner hanger leaks.
  • Covers parted, damaged, or corroded casing.
  • Strengthens casing before stimulation or zonal isolation for re-completion.
  • Enables shutoff of pre-existing perforations.