SET® technology was born out of necessity in offshore oil and gas wells. After two decades, Enventure's expandable technology has evolved to address a wider range of challenges. Today, operators are seamlessly integrating solid expandable technology into both onshore and offshore drilling and completion programs, resulting in significant cost reductions and operational benefits.

  • Provides additional casing options to reduce risk in reaching TD.
  • Eliminates NPT and shortens days-to-depth curve.
  • Accelerating production by helping bring reserves online faster.
  • Streamlines well profiles, boosting ROP and allowing smaller rigs and fewer consumables.

By strategically integrating expandables into the wellbore design, operators are provided with a valuable opportunity to enhance the likelihood of reaching TD on time and on-budget.

See the Technology in Action
SET® OpenHole Clad
SET® OpenHole Clad (OHC) Isolates Zones, No Tie-back to Prior Casing Needed

SET® OHC Systems use components common across all of Enventure’s product lines.  The liner is made up to an inner work string and run in the hole to the specified depth.  Hydraulic pressure through the inner string provides the force necessary to expand the liner from the bottom up.  This allows the liner to shrink predictably from the top of the string and doesn’t affect the setting depth once initiated.  Hydraulic expansion minimizes wall thinning in the liner and results in superior post-expansion burst and collapse values.

Field Applications

SET® OHC Systems are specifically designed to provide zonal isolation. Applications include stabilizing the open hole, isolating water zones, and mitigating lost circulation zones. The heart of the system is the elastomer seals. Because the system

seals directly against the formation there is no need to tie back into the base casing.  Both standard and swellable elastomer seals are available. These elastomeric components are bonded directly onto expandable liner pup joints. The seals expand with the liner and clad into the formation, using compression to form a barrier. Multiple elastomeric seals can be placed at various locations along the expandable liner to provide multiple zonal isolation.

SET® OpenHole Liner
SET® Openhole Liner (OHL): Risk Mitigation, Casing Addition, Formation Isolation, Diameter Retention

SET® OHL Systems anchor to the bottom of an existing casing string and extend into the unfinished wellbore. The expandable liner is then hydraulically expanded using cold-working process, casing-off the openhole while maintaining maximum hole size. Anchoring is achieved by expanding anchor hanger joints (expandable liner joints with bonded elastomeric bands) inside the base casing. Additional joints can also be run in different sections of the liner to achieve further zonal isolation.

Field Applications

The first applications of SET® Systems were mostly to mitigate trouble zones such as borehole instabilities and pore-pressure/frac gradient issues in an open wellbore. Today, however, the technology is used in multiple scenarios as part of well architecture. One common use is to strategically place the SET System in the well design in order to slim down the entire wellbore. This can increase the rate of penetration (ROP), maximize recovery, and increase efficiency while reducing overall environmental impact. Other applications include extending reach, preemptively mitigating risk in exploratory drilling, and maximizing recovery in sidetracking operations.

SET® Expandable Liner Hanger
SET® Expandable Liner Hanger (ELH): 20+ Years of Solid-cone Anchor Hanger Innovation

The SET ELH features a vastly simplified operations sequence which reduces NPT and operational costs while providing high reliability. Five liner-top packing elements greatly reduce the chance of leakage.

The SET Expandable Liner Hanger enables operators to run liners anywhere in the wellbore without restricting internal diameter. Its solid expandable design provides a reliable, hydraulically-expanded seal and anchor with over a decade of proven performance. Customizable to your well architecture and optimized for your specific objectives, the SET ELH saves you time and money while also maximizing production. Achieve your drilling, completion, and production goals with the innovative SET ELH technology from Enventure.

Set® Specifications

SET® technology was born out of necessity in offshore oil and gas wells. But innovative technology never stays put. Now operators are finding many benefits when applying SET® solid expandable technology into their onshore and offshore drilling programs, which collectively equal reduced costs. Use the Links to the left for Enventure's OpenHole Clad and OpenHole Liner Specifications