Enhancing the operating envelope of Solid Expandable Tubulars

Highly deviated, long-reach wellbores with ledging can impede conventional expandable liners' progress to the target depth. Enventure's ESET system, a unique solid expandable liner that can be rotated and reciprocated, aids operators in tackling these challenges.

The high-torque ESET rotational liner minimizes friction, reducing non-productive time (NPT) when installed in highly deviated and tortuous well paths. Moreover, ESET's rotational capacity enhances cementing quality, ensuring effective open hole isolation.

See the Technology in Action
Minimize NPT Risks
Minimize NPT by Allowing the Liner to be Rotated Across Ledges and Through Tortuous Wellbores

Enventure developed the ESET system, the industry's only solid expandable liner that can be rotated and reciprocated to help operators meet their objectives, reduce non-productive time (NPT) and elevate the value of high-cost assets.

Increase Probability of Reaching Setting Depth
Increase Probability of Reaching Setting Depth with Enventure's Innovative ESET System

The high-torque ESET rotational liner allows you to break friction to reduce NPT and efficiently work to the targeted setting depth in highly deviated and tortuous well paths. The ESET can also be rotated once at the setting depth to improve cementation of the expandable liner ensuring the best possible cement job and effective isolation of the openhole section.

Enhance Quality of Cement
Enhance the Quality of Cement Job Through the Use of SET or ESET

The use of expandable liner systems enhances the quality of cement jobs by providing a solid, permanent, and reinforced casing structure, isolating problematic zones, and ultimately contributing to improved wellbore integrity and the long-term effectiveness of cementing operations.

Reduce Operating Costs
Expandable Technologies Offer Multiple Cost-saving Advantages for Operators

Expandable technologies help operators reduce costs by streamlining well profiles, downsizing infrastructure, optimizing ID, accelerating deployment, mitigating risks, enhancing production, enabling efficient operations, and maximizing ROI across the lifecycle of the well.

Optimize Asset Value
Expandable Technology Optimizes Reservoir Asset Value in Several Ways

Expandable technology optimizes reservoir asset value by enabling better access to and utilization of reservoirs. It provides strategic solutions for drilling, completion, and production, ultimately contributing to the overall profitability and longevity of oil and gas assets.


Let Enventure show you how the ESET Solid Expandable System can reduce the NPT risks and costs, while increasing the value of your most challenging and high-profile assets.