Document Type
Case Study
Date Published
March 1, 2017
Norwegian North Sea

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System Type
System Size
Values Added
Quick Mobilization, Rotational Capability, Maintained Planned Well Design, Perforation Option for Access to Quality Resevoir
Casing Size
10-3/4 in.
Expandable Size
8-5/8 in.
Liner Length
118m (387ft)
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Case Study


Aker BP encountered a restriction 118m (387 ft.) off bottom while running a 10-¾” MLT liner. This was the third attempt to pass the trouble spot. The decision was made to cement the MLT liner in place and find an alternative way to cover up the troublesome Balder formation and part of the main injectite, while still able to keep the planned 5-½” screens across the main reservoir.


Based on the current well situation and potential challenges, an8-5/8” ESET Solid Expandable Liner was proposed. This system would allow the client flexibility to both rotate the liner while running in hole, as well as the benefit of using a 8-1/2” drilling BHA in the reservoir following the installation. All equipment was packed and mobilized from Enventure’s local warehouse in less than 12 hours, and personnel was in place less than 48 hours after the initial call-off. The job was successfully executed and liner installed as per plan. Significant benefits of running the ESET liner:

• Quick mobilization meant less NPT on the rig.

• Rotational capability overcame friction in sand interval and allowed client to slowly work liner to bottom.

• Client opted to perforate an 80m (262 ft.) interval after installation in order to access quality reservoir behind the8-5/8”.

• 8-½” post-expanded drift meant client could run 8.5 x 9.5” drilling BHA and keep planned 5-½” screens in reservoir.