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Date Published
August 23, 2023

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Land, Offshore
System Type
Planned, Planned-Contingency, Contingency
System Size
ESeal Flex
Values Added
Enables planned completion, Reduces well costs, Restores production, Extends well life
Casing Size
4 1/2", 5"
Expandable Size
3 1/2", 4"
Liner Length
60 ft
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The cost-effective, gas-tight well remediation solution

Post-drilling operations such as converting a well from producer to injector can be an extremely costly, time consuming and risky proposition. In response, Enventure, a leader in expandable technologies, engineered the gas-tight ESeal Flex system to provide a safer, more cost-effective and removable alternative for a host of well remediation, re-design and associated applications.

The uniquely innovative ESeal Flex system comprises non-expandable spacer pipe and connections that are fitted between two expandable elastomer seals. Since only the elastomer seals can be expanded, the ESeal Flex system promotes the use of standard API premium connections, giving you a gas-tight system with the industry’s maximum ID and one that delivers exceptional internal yield and collapse ratings. Should future remedial plans require a different well design, the ESeal Flex installation can be removed through a simple milling and fishing operation.