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Date Published
August 23, 2023

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Land, Offshore
System Type
System Size
ESeal HP Patch
Values Added
Repairs Casing, Mitigates Risk, Restores production, Avoids replacement well/sidetrack
Casing Size
4 1/2" to 20"
Expandable Size
3 ½”, 4 1/4”, 5 ½”, 6”, 7 5/8”, 8 5/8”, 9 5/8”, 13 3/8”, 16”
Liner Length
Longest to date, 360ft
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High-performance wellbore repair solution

Where higher yield or collapse strength is needed, Enventure offers the enhanced ESeal HP Patch expandable casing repair patch. This permanent and cost-effective alternative to cement squeezes and legacy remediation methods is the first choice for operators who need a permanent, inexpensive casing patch solution when facing higher differential pressures. Unlike the standard ESeal Patch, this enhanced tool utilizes high-yield strength material and incorporates five elastomer bands as top and bottom anchors. This robust design allows the ESeal HP Patch to withstand up to 48% higher internal yield and 50% higher collapse pressure ratings.

Like the ESeal Patch, this tougher, more robust solid steel expandable tool provides a quick, inexpensive, and permanent seal while reinforcing short casing sections, restoring well integrity and prolonging the life of the well.