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Case Study
Date Published
July 1, 2015
Norwegian North Sea

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System Type
System Size
Values Added
Cost Efficiency, Improved Cementation, Maximized Production Capability
Casing Size
10-3/4 in.
Expandable Size
8-5/8 in.
Liner Length
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Case Study


A major operator in the Norwegian North Sea anticipated problems while drilling a12-¼ x 13-½ in. hole section which required setting 10-¾ in. casing early. This left a section of overburden exposed above the reservoir. Conventional practice would utilize a 7-5/8 in. liner to isolate the overburden and 5-½ in. pipe across the reservoir, greatly reducing production capability and return on investment (ROI).

Added Value

The 8-5/8 in. ESET HP System isolated the overburden section, providing an 8-1/2 in. drift ID. This enabled the reservoir to be drilled and completed with a 7-5/8 in. liner, maximizing production capability.

The 8-5/8 in. ESET HP System provided:

• Rotational capability that enabled the system to reach the planned setting depth and improved cementation of the liner.
• Solid Blade centralization that reduced drag while running the liner and optimized cementation.

• Bottom up expansion ensured the entire overburden was isolated.

• Increased yield and collapse values (compared to standard SET systems).